Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Racin', Rasslin' & the Rest

This is the final post about my latest COMC mailday.  I decided to tie up all the loose ends into one.

2000 Upper Deck Racing Brickyard's Best #BB4 Darrell Waltrip
I'm not much into NASCAR, but I love the history of open-wheel racing and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  This insert set ties into that.  The cards have race-used rubber from the Inaugural Brickyard 400 race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  I want to put this set together.

2016 WWE Heritage Divas Championship Silver #6 Bray Wyatt

1988 Wonderama NWA #234 Tony Schiavone

1988 Wonderama NWA #177 Tony Schiavone

1988 Wonderama NWA #177 Tony Schiavone (back)

1991 Championship Marketing WCW #101 Tony Schiavone/ in Front of Chicago Building

1998 Topps WCW/ nWo #43 M.Tenay/ T.Schiavone/ B.Heenan
I've been listening to the "What Happened When" podcast since the first episode.  I love hearing Tony Schiavone and his stories.  I hope to find an address at some point so that I can send these cards to be signed.
1987 Topps WWF Stickers #20 Jim Neidhart
 I recently heard Jim Neidhart on Chris Jericho's podcast.  I'm also hoping to find an address to get this signed.
1995 Score Platinum Team Sets #601 Russ Davis
A couple of months ago I was making good progress on scanning and cataloging my Russ Davis collection.  I need to get it all together so I can start looking for the pieces I need and get this as close to complete as possible.  So many projects, so little time.
1978 Topps #172 Mike Hargrove

1975 O-Pee-Chee #106 Mike Hargrove 

"Grover" was the manager of the Indians during the golden days of my youth.  I want to get these signed TTM.  I always loved the Topps All-Star Rookie trophies on cards.

The Indians hologram and sticker were picked up just in case I need them to have a former player sign and I don't have a card at the time. 

I picked up the Rick Klein cards to send to him for signing.  After I bought these I picked up a few on Sportlots.  The TTM success took about a week.
2016 Classics #263 Wendell Smallwood
I end the COMC mailday with a card for my West Virginia Mountaineers collection.  I'm not collecting football anymore (other than vintage) and this card fits perfectly into the one-card-per-player project I'm working on.

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Happy collecting!

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