Sunday, March 26, 2017

DBBD: 1997 Bowman #175 Kris Benson

When I first started collecting in 1987 my parents bought me boxes of cards from time to time.  As time went on, prices rose and I started buying my own cards.  I was never one to save for a box of cards, but I remember 1997 Bowman being my first "big" box purchase.  I was hoping to get that Hideki Irabu card!  I didn't...and neither did his career.  

The other "big" card was Jose Cruz, Jr.  I did get one of those.  I also got a Kris Benson and living an hour south of Pittsburgh, it was a good card to have.  I despised Benson, though.  Why?  I remember the West Virginia baseball team having to play Clemson in a best-of-three series to get to the College World Series.  Clemson's top two pitchers were Benson and Billy Koch.  Needless to say, Clemson ended the series in two games.  That is what I will always remember Benson for.  

Since I only paid a dime for this card, I might set it ablaze.  Probably with the Ryan Kalish cards I purchased for the same reason.  

1997 Bowman #175 Kris Benson

1997 Bowman #175 Kris Benson (back)

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