Friday, March 10, 2017

DBBD: 1993 Whataburger Nolan Ryan

Today it's a 2-for-2 special.  Here in Texas we love our Whataburger and we love some Nolan Ryan.

I tried to find the local commercial he's in that makes the wife crack up every time.  I can't even remember what it's for, but you just get to hear Express say "cracks are bad" with that Texas drawl.


  1. If you need the rest of the Ryans to complete the set, I probably have them. And I think that commercial might be for Olshan Foundation Repair. Let me know about the Whataburgers.

    1. YES! It's definitely Olshan!

      I'm not working on the set, I just picked 'em up since they were in a dime box and I thought they'd make a cool blog post.