Wednesday, March 8, 2017

All the Cool Bloggers are doing it!

All the cool kids are incorporating music into their posts.  Due to my need to be accepted by the hobby blogosphere, I felt I must succumb to the peer pressure.

The song is not anywhere close to the genre that I listen to.  However, I know the song and if you think Alicia Keys isn't amazing, you are just wrong.  This is coming from a country music guy.

Why did I choose this?  I've always been about lyrics when it comes to my music.

"I keep on fallin'
In and out of love
With you
Sometimes I love ya
Sometimes you make me blue
Sometimes I feel good
At times I feel used"

That's how I feel about aspects of my collecting right now.  I'll start with the card pickup in this post.  This was a purchase from feebay that showed up last week.

2016-17 Upper Deck Printing Plates Black #348 Andrew Shaw
I just didn't get excited when it showed up and haven't when the last few Andrew Shaw cards have arrived.  I'm sure some of it is because he no longer plays for the Blackhawks.  I feel it's deeper than that.

For the third time in 18 or so months, I'm seriously thinking about giving up on The Andrew Shaw Project.  I've stuck with it, but I just don't know anymore.  It's not just the Shaw cards either, it's the modern cards in general.

I go through phases where I just want to go to vintage.  It's more fun.  Then, I start slowly picking up more modern and I'm back.  The last time I decided to give modern a whirl, I told myself that set building again would be fun.  It was okay, but it's not really a challenge.  Buy a couple of boxes, complete a base set, put it into an album and forget about it.

The set-building process itself is fun.  After that, there's nothing else there.  It's just "stuff" for me.  I have no emotional attachment.  However, when I go through my vintage cards, I remember the excitement of winning a lot of particular cards (and also a set from 1960 that I won).  I don't have those memories on the modern.  It's just stuff I've acquired.

Currently I'm in once of those moods where I'm wondering "what if?"  What if I hadn't spent the money to put together Upper Deck and Parkhurst hockey sets this year and had instead put that $xxx into a beautiful pre-war card?  I change my mind as often as Texas weather.  Or as much as a woman.  Whichever one you prefer.

Part of what has me questioning myself again is some of the pickups I made over the weekend.  You'll see them in the coming days.  They are beautiful to me.  They are sports history.  They aren't shiny, but I'm okay with that.

I don't know yet which direction I will take at this fork in the road.  I do need to make a decision though.  What I do know is that if someone made me a serious, quality, legitimate offer for most of the shiny stuff I have, I'd take it.  I can't say I'd do the same with the pre-1988 items that I have.

Happy collecting, friends!


  1. There's nothing wrong with collecting both and only working on whatever you feel like at the time. I collect more by opportunity than hunting specific cards, and it's worked very well for me...I've completed more than 200 sets ranging in age from 1922 to 2016.

  2. I think Billy has it right. My collecting has bounced all over through the years. Set building, team collecting, playing collecting, and everything from early Tobacco cards to modern Topps issues. These days I focus on a prewar player, and a mid-90's set and just work between the two.

    Type collecting might be an interesting diversion for you, too. You'd get to see a pile of cards from different issues, and get to be selective about *which* card from any given set to make sure it appeals to you.

  3. I think most card collectors go through this at some point. The only advice I can give you, which comes from personal experience, is... don't do anything rash! If you're not feeling the modern cards right now, maybe just take a break from them and focus on the older stuff. There will always be plenty of new shiny stuff around should you're inner "female Texan" decide that it's time for a change again.

  4. I echo the sentiments of the three above. That's the beauty of the hobby - its diversity. You can bounce around from pre-war vintage, to brand new shiny, to everything from one player in the 90s, and back around again. I do all of these kinds of things too. Unless you're strapped for storage space, keep what you have and just concentrate on what makes you smile at the time.

  5. Yup I couldn't agree more with what everyone above me has commented. I flip back and forth constantly and ultimately realized that I just enjoy all of it!

  6. Yep.. I've been chasing most of the stuff I need from the 80s and early 90s.. I almost have that done, so I'm turning more to the more modern cards.. Late 90s and early 2000s when I wasn't collecting..

    It's fine to focus on something else for a while, if only because that way you don't get burned out on a certain collection/set/what have you.

  7. I think this burnout reason is why I have so many player collections and add on an obsessive completist view of my team collection. If I get tired of gathering up Ryan Braun cards, I just change my focus to looking for Hostess cards from the 1970s. Or, I turn over entirely to my Milwaukee Braves collection for the super-vintage.

    It really is all about collecting what you enjoy and what makes you happy. If you're not feeling one collection, set it aside and seek your new passion. :-)

  8. I've been in your shoes a few times. The good news is that it's a hobby and we collect because it's fun. At the end of the day... collect whatever makes you happy.