Sunday, March 19, 2017

Guns of the Young Variety

Love ePack or hate it, it has some advantages if you're working on sets.  I was able to pick up a bunch of the ones I needed for my set as well as Blackhawks for my collection.  I could have waited.  Prices are even cheaper now (it's a great time to buy on COMC) and then there's the whole part where I'm not looking to finish off the set any longer.  OOPS!

Nonetheless, I figured I'd scan 'em and make a post out of them.

 I picked up nine copies of Tyler Motte at good prices.

I thought I'd picked up a few more of these than I had.  Right before putting this post together I picked up three more.

What I'll likely do is put most of these into the set and look to sell of the almost complete set the next time that I set up at a show.

Happy collecting!


  1. Man those YG prices on COMC are tempting me to build the set. But then I remind myself how much Mathews and Laine will cost! That said, I couldn't resist picking up a few cheap YGs - including the Milano & Quine for $0.38 each. I jumped the gun on the Zacha though; think I paid $3 or so a couple months ago. Now it's about $1. Oh well :/

    Can't wait for series 2 YGs to fill the site. I think there are at least 3 Devils. Hopefully they'll be under $1 each.

  2. Those low prices helped when I was contemplating putting it all together. Also, I hit two Matthews on ePack. The only somewhat pricey one I was still going to need was the Nylander.

  3. Wow what I fantastic batch you have there. Love the 9 copies of Mr Motte. Watch out for Werenski and Matheson, they both will be blueline beasts as time goes by!!