Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Thanks, @dubmentality!

When I got home from work Monday, there was a bubble mailer waiting on me.  I'd received everything in transit to me at work that day (I have some things sent there) and knew the bubble mailer was unexpected.  

It was from Joey, who many of you know as @dubmentality on Twitter.  I hoped to meet up with him when he was in town for the Industry Summit, but things just didn't work out.  

Joey has opened a few blasters of Upper Deck Hockey and I mentioned to him that I'm working on the set, complete with inserts.  I think my mind has changed on that, but this is still a win for me.  I will still attempt to put the Canvas set together, and that's what was in the envelope. 

Thank you for the surprise mail, Joey!  You need to let me know what cards you need to finish off your Series 1 set so that I can send some cards your way.  

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  1. Kucherov is killing it this year. And I wonder if the cowboy hat Roussel is sporting is a fashion choice, or a 'player of the game' thing?

    1. The hat is something like that, I can't remember though. My fiance is a big Stars fan (and I'm a fan by association) and I know they make you wear it after your first goal or something like that. Not sure if this is just an image that's a few years old or if they do it more often.