Sunday, March 4, 2018

COMING SOON: Box From 'Bama

It's been a month since my uncle's unexpected passing.  Since he was the uncle that got me into collecting, I felt it was only right to stop into a card shop when I was in Birmingham for the funeral.  I made the 30 minute trek from where I was staying to Alabaster to visit Sports Nuts Collectibles. 

Curtis' shop isn't your normal shop.  He sells online and is a breaker.  There are also shows in the rotation, as he was headed to Houston the next weekend.  His shop is as much a warehouse as anything else. 

There was still plenty to dig through and I walked out with a case-sized box of goodies.  It was mostly oddball and promo cards but I also picked up three boxes and some random packs. 

Friday on the Condition Sensitive blog, it was mentioned to "enjoy the new cards instead of spending money on new stuff."  That struck a nerve as something I need to do a better job of. 

This box of cards is a good place to start.  My plan is to post short posts, but it should be extremely fun with all of the promo cards and oddballs.  I hope that y'all will enjoy it and hopefully see some things you didn't even know are out there. 

Oh, I guess I need a picture, so here's a shot of the box...

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  1. Hm, I wonder what treasures are in that box.

  2. Whale sighting! I can't wait to see what SLUs you have - and are there sealed packs in that 1992 Topps box?

  3. Great way to honor your uncle. I miss the days of being able to walk into a card shop and picking up a Kenner SLU or two.

  4. The first post is scheduled to release. It's not the boxes or the SLUs, though.