Saturday, March 3, 2018

Box O' Cards From My Youth - 5

I decided to alter the titles for this series going forward to "from my youth" instead of "from home" to point out that you won't see recent items in them. 

There were three of the 1980s Donruss puzzles in the surviving box.  As a kid, Topps and Donruss were my two preferred brands and I was able to complete multiple puzzles per season.  I probably had more Stan Musials that anyone else, since 1988 was by far and away the year my parents bought me the most Donruss.  It tailed off in later years with new companies producing cards and my collection wasn't concentrated in Topps and Donruss. 

I don't have the dozens of puzzles that I once did, but at least I have one of them. 

Did anyone pop these out, put the puzzle together and mat the puzzle to something?  I didn't, but should have. 

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  1. I suppose it makes sense to pop them out and do as you propose. Part of me wants to keep them intact. A little different but I never cut my Hostess panels apart either.

  2. I have a collection of Donruss puzzles. One set is in card form. The other has been popped out, put together, and carefully displayed in a binder with a magazine backing board.

    If you want to see all of the puzzles (except for the 2002 Ted Williams - I'm still looking for that one), I have them displayed on my site:

  3. I have the Warren Spahn puzzle popped out and put together, on a board and stored in a binder. Not sure why I did that with his puzzle and not any others.