Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Giveaway Win...thank you, @ShaneSalmonson!

Recently Shane posted a 1999 Bowman Box in his Cheap Wax Wednesday series.  He elected to give away another box on Twitter, and I was the lucky winner! 

In 1999, I was looking for Chris Enochs Bowman cards.  They were in Series 1, though.  The guy I was buying in 1999 that was in Series 2?  Adam Piatt.  

Yeah.  Adam Piatt.  

Who were you collecting/investing in while we were all worrying about the Y2K bug?

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  1. Free box of Bowman? That is quite a generous prize, no matter what year it's from!

    I cant recall any specific prospects I was chasing - Corey Patterson, maybe? But I did sink a lot of cash into building that year's Finest set.

  2. I wasn’t investing in 1999, but I was collecting. Didn’t buy as many packs as I did in 1998, but still got a good amount of cards from that year.
    Piatt is in my Favorite Player Collection. He his 39 Homers in the minors, and I thought he would be a star in the Majors.