Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Box From 'Bama #4 - LOOSE PACKS!

I absolutely love the randomness that I found in my shop visit.

How many packs are there, you ask?

Seven "Super Packs" of 35 cards.  I bought a good bit of these in 1993, but it probably wasn't these super packs.  That 1993 class wasn't too shabby with guys like Jerome Bettis, Garrison Heart and Drew Bledsoe.  Bledsoe was the rookie I was collecting in 1993.

I took this picture for one purpose.  Look at the upper left of it.  $1.69 for 35 cards.  Is it any wonder why there aren't as many kids collecting today as when we were kids?  There's no way my parents could have afforded current prices.  If I was born in 2009 instead of 1979, there's no way I'd be a collector.  

These are also headed to the rack for the time being.  Eventually I'll open and show some results over at A Pack To Be Named Later.  

If you shop online and haven't signed up and used ebates yet, you're missing out.  I also use it on eBay to get money back from purchases there.  Between referrals and cash back, I've gotten over $150 in a year.  FREE CARDS!

If you're on Twitter, please give me a follow.  You can also find me on Trading Card Database.  I love trading cards, when it makes sense.  Happy collecting!

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  1. Looks like some quality rainy day entertainment right there.