Thursday, March 15, 2018

Box From 'Bama #1 - MINIS!

If you didn't see my first "Box From 'Bama" post, it has the backstory.  I can't believe that I walked out with everything for $55.  I'm going to have way more fun for that price than three retail blasters!

I didn't count how many are there, but the first group to share is a whole lot of mini cards!  I picked them up knowing that there are a few Trading Card Database users that collect them.  I should be able to move most of them and pick up some things for my collection.

The bad news is that many of the cards have condition issues.  One was bent.  Many have some soft corners and edges.  I do always make note of condition flaws when I enter them into TCDB and make sure to tell my trading partner.

That's all of them, but it's obviously not a great picture and there are stacks.  I give to you some better pics.

I didn't know what was in the box until about an hour ago and didn't know what to expect.  I do know that I didn't expect those top two cards...or the top 2/3 card...however you want to look at it.  I don't recall the year, but those are from an early 1980s Topps set that was a card, perforated, that was three mini cards.  I've seen plenty of them attached but can't imagine that too many people broke them apart.  At least one person did.

Can anyone help me with the card above?  I haven't started any research yet so maybe it'll be an easy one to figure out.  I'm not optimistic since I don't have a first name on the card.  Any info is greatly appreciated!

I'm not too wild about the bottom cards, but I love the top two.  If you've read my blog you know that I like pre-war cards.  The T205 design is pretty sweet.

I'll probably keep the Obama cards for a cold night when I need to start a fire.  Yes, it gets cold in Texas.

I doubt the Pacific cards are rare, but I don't recall them at all.

I've got to imagine that Trout is worth a few bucks and fortunately it's a mint card.  If you need any of these, find me on TCDB and propose a trade!

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If you're on Twitter, please give me a follow.  You can also find me on Trading Card Database.  I love trading cards, when it makes sense.  Happy collecting!

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  1. I had a few spare minutes. Found your card. It's from a 1987 Hy-grade set, Rare and Famous Reprints. In addition, our friend Keith Olbermann penned an article about the original: