Monday, March 19, 2018

Box From 'Bama #3 - Lineups

I had a decent collection of Starting Lineups as a kid.  If I remember correctly, probably just south of 200.  I went through a phase (once I hit college) where I wasn't as into cards and the hobby.  When I came back, the bottom had completely fallen out of the SLU prices.  Does anyone know what actually happened?

I know they aren't "worth" anything, but hell...most of what we collect really isn't.  Curtis quoted me both of these for $5.  It was well worth the $5 for the nostalgia I get from these bad boys.

Did you collect SLUs back in the day?  Do you still have them?

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  1. I'm always happy to see an SLU post! I need to write up a few myself.

    When they stopped making them is when the bottom dropped out. I know they lost the license during the 1998-99 season/lockout for the NBA, not sure when they lost the other sports.

  2. ..around 2001, I believe. Then McFarlane picked up the sports toy torch and ran with it until about a year or two. I stopped collecting by the time Imports Dragon took over.

    I was a huge SLU junkie, but because I played with them as a kid and lost a few along the way I never had an actual count. 200 is quite impressive, I might have had a little over 100 at a time. Still have about 50 sealed SLUs in my collection.

  3. Awesome stuff! Loved SLUs as a kid, a bunch of my hockey ones survived and were handed down to me. I busted 'em open, kept the cards and my wife gave the figures away to her students as prizes I think...

  4. I have a ton of starting lineups. I probably need to do the same thing shoeboxlegends did and just keep the cards.

  5. $5 for the pair is a steal. Super jealous. Some of the 1989 SLU's are a lot tougher to find. In fact, I have 10x more 1988 Kenner cards (red borders) compared to the 1989 (green borders).

    I'm probably going out on a limb, but I think there's a chance Kenner SLU's make a comeback. Well. At least the high grade ones. I feel that so many collectors (including myself) have figured that they aren't worth anything, so we open them up, take out the card, and display the figure. So maybe one day, high grade figures of key pieces will command more than $2.50 each.