Saturday, March 31, 2018

Box From 'Bama #7 - (25) 1997-98 Power Pack Blow-Ups Promos Jaromir Jagr

I wish I could find out more about these.  An internet search and weren't of any help unfortunately.  The distribution wasn't in packs, because the cards are 3.5 x 5.  Anyone out there know anything about them, or have much better research skills than I do?

Something else that I found odd was that the 25 cards came with cardboard on each side and wrapped in a rubber band.  I don't know how late 1990s promos were distributed.  Does anyone know if this was a normal method?

The Trading Card Database checklist only lists three of the base cards as promos.  The other two are Joe Sakic and John Vanbiesbrouck.  I see a Vanbiesbrouck image on COMC (it's "sold out"), as well at a Peter Forsberg.  Does the Sakic exist?  Perhaps someone entered him on TCDB incorrectly, since both Sakic and Forsberg played for the Avalanche.  Oh, the mystery...

1997-98 Power Pack Blow-Ups Promos Jaromir Jagr

1997-98 Power Pack Blow-Ups Promos Jaromir Jagr (back)
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  1. Great action shot. And just look at that hair. This card is beautiful!