Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Box O' Cards From My Youth - 6

To be honest I had pretty much decided to stop writing much, if anything, on this blog.  It didn't feel that I was getting any response to posts.  The cards from my youth posts have received some interaction so I will continue on with them.

I've already shown some basketball and football Collect-A-Books.  While not into baseball anymore, it was my existence as a kid.  I was going to grow up and be Dale Murphy.  If I wasn't at practice or a game...or outside throwing to my "pitch-back," I was inside sorting and reading the backs of my cards.  It was a great childhood!

I give to you a box of baseball Collect-A-Books, which were by fan and away my favorites.  I believe they were the first sport released, but that was almost 30 years ago and I was a kid.

I was a kid when these were released.  I loved the cartoon player drawings on the back that went along with the player facts.  This alone made the baseball Collect-A-Books far superior to the other sports to me at ten.

The inclusion of legends was another selling point for me.  I was never going to own a Babe Ruth card as a kid and this was as close as I was coming.  It didn't hurt my feelings.  I just loved having this.

Did you have any of these?  How'd you feel about them then and how do you feel about them now?  I think it would be great if items like this were still available.  What say you?

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  1. Don't quit writing. In the early days of Cardboard History I felt like I was shouting into the wind, and even now I write posts that nobody cares about...but I do it because I enjoy it. If anybody else likes it that's just a bonus. This is only the second of this series I've seen on my blogroll..I will check your archives.

  2. I cant be sure which ones I had but the Yount and the Wizard pop off the page here.

    And I agree with Billy..sometimes its frustrating to write something you put a lot of work into, only to get little or no feedback. That's why I try to hit all the blogs I can, as often as I can. And that's why I've tried to remind myself to enjoy the process of writing posts.

    I hope you write a lot more.

  3. First of all, LOVE the Collect-a-books. Really takes me back. Secondly I have read every single one of your posts since discovering your blog. Life has been crazy lately so I don't get to comment as often on any of the blogs I read anymore (something I used to be pretty religious about in the past knowing how much I appreciate them myself).

    Anyway, count me among those that would be disappointed if you took a break, though I certainly understand the feeling. Also, gonna ping you for an address as I think I have a PWE or two worth of buyback dupes to send your way...

  4. I wasn't collecting when these came out, but I've acquired a few recently...bought a couple at a show last night, in fact. They offer more info and fun stuff than a typical card, and lots of star power.


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