Sunday, March 25, 2018

Box From 'Bama #6 - (2) 1998-99 Donruss Elite Pavel Bure Promos

One of the best things about the box of cards I purchased is what I will learn.  It started with these two promo cards.  I went to enter them on Trading Card Database, but there was no 1998-99 Donruss hockey sets.  I posted in the forum and received numerous responses.

The promos were released but before the set was, Donruss went under.

1998-99 Donruss Elite Promo #8 Pavel Bure

1998-99 Donruss Elite Promo #8 Pavel Bure (back)
As you see, the promos are supposedly /2500.  However, per "These cards were issued in the summer of 1998 in anticipation of an upcoming Donruss Elite hockey product. Prior to the release of the full set, Donruss went out of business. No regular cards from this set exist. Each card is marked PROMO/2500 on the back, although it is believed that far fewer than 2,500 copies were produced of each, with some probably limited to 100 or less. Some were believed to be easier to acquire than others, including the Sergei Samsonov and Dominik Hasek issue."

Both Beckett book values and online asking prices are high on some players, confirming that copies were limited.  Book values range from $5 (Sergei Samsonov and Dominik Hasek) to $100 or more (Steve Yzerman, Patrick Roy and Wayne Gretzky).  Pavel Bure falls in the middle, at $40.

I'm sending one copy to one of the newest card bloggers, burefanatic10.  His blog is A guy and his Pavel Bure collection (and other stories).  I checked with him last night and he has a copy, but said mine looks to be in much better shape.  I'll send up sending him one copy because it certainly belongs on that Bure collection of almost 1600 cards.  The other is already in my TCDB inventory to trade or sell.

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  1. Good read! I didn’t know about less production of the Donruss promo. I thought at base the card was very difficult to get for explaining his value. Definitely mentioned that statement when I get there in my blog!

  2. This is a neat looking promo, it's too bad Donruss went under before the set was released. Nice of you to send your extra to a Bure collector.