Sunday, December 3, 2017

Cards from the East and Wes

A couple weeks ago, Wes (of Willinghammer Rising fame) posted some cards for trade on Twitter.  It was simple - claim a card, or cards, and send him something back.  I already had a couple of things to send him, so I looked through to see if there was anything that caught my eye.  If there wasn't, I planned to drop his cards in the mail soon, so this was just a bonus. 

I only claimed one card and Wes quickly replied that it was mine.  I believe that I was a few hours late to the party and I'm glad there aren't too many Indians card collectors.  I snagged this...

Baseball bores me and I don't watch it anymore.  However, it was the first sport that I loved.  After being a Braves fan (because of Dale Murphy) and then Giants fan (Will Clark), I settled in the early 1990s on the Indians.  My parents bought me a stereo and I could get WKNR out of Cleveland.  I spent many evenings listening to Tom Hamilton and Herb Score call Tribe games.  I have a few autographs of mid-90s Indians, but I need to get more.  I'm thrilled to add this to my collection.

After all was said and done, I asked Wes if anyone had claimed one other card I was interested in.  The answer was no and I was also able to acquire this one...

I understand the reasons why, but I feel that Gary Sheffield is one of the most underrated players of my generation.  I won't say he's a favorite of mine or anything.  Picking up this card was about the set and not the player.  I have a few cards from this set (Gwynn, Will Clark, and Kenny Lofton) and if I ever see them cheap, I pick them up.  If I ever acquire enough, it might be worth making a project. 

Wes also included three other cards...and they are some goodies!  Obviously he reads my blog (or Twitter) and knows that I'm a West Virginia alumnus. 

2014 Leaf Metal Draft - Prismatic Blue #BA-CS1 Charles Sims 

There is a very loud group of people out there that complain about companies without logo licenses producing cards.  You're allowed your opinion, but you know what they say about opinions.  I think this is a beautiful card.  The blue version of the cards makes it that much better with a Mountaineer.

Oh, and it's numbered out of 50.

The Mountaineer trend continues with the second card added.

2015 Topps Chrome - 60th Anniversary Xfractor #T60-KWH Kevin White 
I'm not an NFL guy, I'm a college guy.  I don't care for Mountaineers in NFL uniforms (unless there's nothing out there in the WVU uni)...BUT I really like this one!  I love Topps Xfractors.  I was just sitting here looking at this card and turning it and it reminds me of the first time I saw Fleer Metal cards.  I think it was 1993, maybe?  The momentary reflection back to a much more innocent time was very nice. 

So, yeah, I dig this card.  I dig it to the point that I may look into getting as much of the rainbow as I can.  I'll never have that Superfractor, but what can you do? 

Competing the Mountaineer trifecta is one that I really like because of the color.  Anything Mountaineer related in blue is good and this one looks great combined with the Bears color scheme. 

2016 Donruss Elite - Elite Coverage #EC-KW Kevin White 
Thanks for the cards, Wes!  I promise that they are in a good home.  I hope you like what's come back in return and I am always on the lookout for Willinghammer cards for you!

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  1. So that's where y'all are hiding - Twitter. That Sandy Alomar auto is really nice, I busted a couple boxes of those. Leaf Draft looks cool, too.

    1. I'm not so active here, but always active on Twitter!

  2. I feel bad for Kevin White. Living in Chicago, I was waiting for him to have a break out game, but instead he would just break something on his body.

    Nice cards.