Sunday, December 17, 2017

It Arrived - (1911) T36 Walter Christie

I've come to accept that when T36 cards come available, I'm going to pay 50% or more per card for singles, compared to when they are sold in lots.  I don't like it so I just make the best of it.  When this card came available last week, the price was just a little more than I was willing to pay with the damage on the card.  I made an offer and it was about an hour before the offer was accepted. 

1911 American Tobacco Company Walter Christie - Hassan/30
It's the first Christie I've added to my collection, and now that it's in-hand, I have 22 of the 25 cards (88%) toward the completed base set.  My master set is now at 29/100.  I've been working on it for less than two years and considering how few of these come available, I'm delighted with my progress.  You can see all of my cards from the set on my Collector Focus page.

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  1. 88% That's awesome! Congratulations. Love the goggles.

  2. Cool. I forget if I've commented on your set build of this set or not. If not then I think it is a cool set. Nice that you are so close to completing the base set and about a third of the way for the master.

  3. Thank you, guys! I'll keep on chipping away at it. Hopefully I live many more years.