Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Series 1 Fatpacks From Santa

My fiance isn't keen on buying me cards.  She's concerned that she will buy the wrong thing and/or be taken advantage of.  When she does buy cards, it's unopened material that she knows I'm looking for.  Knowing that I am working on the Upper Deck Hockey set, she put a couple of retail fatpacks into my stocking. 

Each one contained one insert card and 31 base cards at a $5 price point.  If you want to put together the base set, the fatpacks are one of the best options for the price.  If you're looking to score the "nasty" hit, you should probably look elsewhere. 

The Young Guns cards are seeded 1:4 packs.  I wasn't fortunate enough to hit one, but a Connor McDavid UD Portraits is a quality consolation prize. 

I haven't seen which of the 61 base cards (one of the base cards was damaged), because I have a hobby box to break down as well.  It will be more efficient to collate all of them and work on it then. 

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  1. Fiance buys you cards? Now there's a keeper! That's another nice looking set by UD.

  2. My wife used to buy cards for me on special occasions but hasn’t in the past couple of years.

    Nice pull on the McDavid Portrait - you say it’s a consolation prize, I say, it’s better than most of the Young Guns you could have netted. Well done.

  3. My wife bought me a fat pack of Topps Series 1 and Heritage Update, which netted absolutely nothing. I'd rather her not buy me packs for the stocking, but how do I say so w/out sounding ungrateful? (even typing this, I sound ungrateful)