Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Mountaineer Mine

One of the best things about following and reading so many blogs is seeing how different people collect.  I've seen a lot since I jumped in at the beginning of the year.

One collection I really enjoy is Tony's All-Time Blackhawks collection at Wrigley Roster Jenga.  Steve at Collating Cards also posted recently that he was starting a similar project with the Mariners and Seahawks.  Steve's goal is to not have dozens or hundreds of cards of the same player, but (hopefully) each player represented once.  That is my goal but in many cases I'll have more than one.

Dan Mozes was a guest on Tuesday's Sportline because he is entering the West Virginia University Athletic Hall of Fame.  While listening on the drive to work I decided that it's time to start.  Saturday will be the first post.

In a perfect world, every card would picture the athlete in their WVU uniform.  In the real world, that ain't happening.  If I can't get one of those, the next desirable card will be an autograph.  If that isn't an option I will look for a numbered card and if I can't find any of those, base cards are more than worthy.  I want as many former Mountaineers represented in the Mountaineer Mine as possible.

photo via
After 30 years of collecting Mountaineers I probably have most anyone that is somewhat easy to find.  One challenge will be the former Mountaineers that had only a handful of cards.  Another challenge will be digging up players that I don't even know of, but are pictured.

I'm looking forward to getting started for multiple reasons.  Most of my posts are items I've picked up.  The Mountaineer Mine will allow me to show off a lot of cards that are in my collection already. I'm also excited for the opportunity to start purging more cards from my collection.  Who really needs 100 different Tavon Austin cards?

I contemplated starting a completely new blog just for this project.  I decided to keep it here so folks don't have to switch around multiple blogs.

I'm starting Monday.  I already know who the first enshrined player will be.  Anyone have a guess? You won't receive any hints.  Leave you guesses below in the comments.  

Hail, West Virginia!

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  1. Good luck on your quest. My guess is Major Harris.

    So is your collection only featuring players during your lifetime or are you going through the whole history of WVU.

    A few years back I thought about doing a similar project with either WVU baseball or basketball just because it would be much more manageable. Football would be fun, but just a little overwhelming.

    1. I will cross all sports and all eras. It's as much for me to get rid of a lot of the excess and get organized.

      And no, not Major Harris. Damn good guess, though!

  2. I think it will be Sam Huff, but I hope it's Pat White.