Friday, September 8, 2017

One Is Better Than None

It's been months since I've added a card to my T36 set.  Three of my last four pickups have been lots, but unfortunately this mail day was just one.  There haven't been any lots come up, or auctions ending at what I felt was a reasonable price.

1911 American Tobacco Auto Drivers #24 Joseph Tracy
This card is one I already had for the "front" set, but I needed it for my master set.  The base set still stands at 21/25 cards (84%).  My master set, with all back variations, is at 28/100.  You can see all of my cards from the set on my Collector Focus page.

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  1. Awesome set! I know a little about the early days of racing from reading the Eddie Rickenbacker biography, "Enduring Courage". What a time. Those guys were crazy.

    1. Not sure I've even heard of that, but will check it out.

      You probably knew this, but Rickenbacker has some trading cards. I haven't picked up any of them, but I need to get on that.

      Also, I was on twitter over the weekend and saw something about the Rickenbacker Causeway. I had no idea something there was named after him. I really only know of him because of his association with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.