Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Twitter Buybacks

I've been posting a bit on Twitter about buybacks and after one tweet, I was contacted by @SScards16 because he had some to get rid of.  I asked him how much, he made me an offer, I sent him the funds.  After shipping, I know he "made" nothing off the cards.  He has a great card account and I recommend following him on Twitter.

After I made payment he mentioned that he had a few more he was going to include.  I would classify it as more than "a few."  There's a reason his "name" is #CollectLove on Twitter.

I took a pic and tweeted last week when they arrived.  I'm really excited about the number of vintage!  Also, many of the buybacks are from previous years.  Until now, the only ones that I had were the 2017 "Rediscover Topps."

And for a closer look at some of my favorites.

 Future Hall of Famer buyback

Hall of Famer buyback. 

JBF (Willinghammer Rising) buyback.

Cy Young, MVP and World Series winner in same season buyback.

Goose buyback. 

Hall of Very Good Buyback.

Year before I was born buyback. 

All Star I've never heard of buyback. 


Dirty hippie design buyback. 

Expos buyback!

Burlap buyback.

One of my top three Topps baseball designs buyback.

Windbreaker buyback.

"Is this the same guy that plays for the Blue Jays now?" buyback.

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  1. Man! You should rename your blog "Making Shane of Shoebox Legends Jealous" with all these buybacks lately!

    1. In a way, I've felt a little guilty of posting. However, you previously mentioned working on trades, which I plan to do. Because of that, there's no doubt you'll end up with some of these!

  2. That 87T Concepcion is a great looking card. The 88T Boggs is too.

    1. I've come to grow fond of the 1988 Topps design over the last few months. I have a box of rack packs that I'll rip into some time to start putting that set together again.

  3. You young whippersnappers don't even know who the Toy Cannon is! I'm old.