Sunday, September 17, 2017

Too Many Manninghams Mystery Mailday

I have most of my purchased items (eBay, Twitter, Sports Card Direct, COMC) send to my office.  Very few things come home.  However, I came home to two unexpected packages on Wednesday.  I saw the return address on one was from Dennis of Too Many Mannininghams and Too Many Verlanders.  He'd emailed me a couple weeks prior asking if my 1991 Stadium Club need list was up to date.  I told him that it was and forgot he's asked.  

What was strange and provided the mystery was the shape of the package.  It wasn't anything I expected.  You'll see why at the end.  

Dennis was kind enough to send me all cards I needed to finish off 1991 Stadium Club Series 2.  I noticed that the Jeff Bagwell was in a topload separate from the others.  It had completey escaped me that this was the Hall-of-Famer's rookie card and probably his best one.  Thank you so much, Dennis!

He also included some Russ Davis cards.  I will have to take a look and see which ones I need.  

Now we're to what made the package an unexpected shape.  I am absolutely thrilled that the set above was finished off and about more Russ Davis cards.  However, these three Becketts from 1989 were the highlight of the package!

I probably had all three of these in 1989 (and for years), but no longer.  I never threw the old ones away, but I never took them when I moved away from home.  They were still in my childhood home when it burnt down three years ago.  I'm thrilled (see what I did there?) to have these to add to my reference library.  I'll take a deeper dive into them at some point down the road and write some posts.  I can say that I spent about an hour of my Wednesday evening perusing them.  One last thing...all are from 1989.  Will Clark graced the cover three times in 11 months.  Not too shabby!  

Thank you for everything, Dennis!  I promise to give them a fantastic home.  

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