Monday, September 25, 2017

A Collector So Nice, He Sent Twice

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about a lot of buybacks that a collector that follows me on Twitter sent.  Shortly thereafter he contacted me asking if I wanted three more that he found.  Of course I did!  He also told me that he had some A&G buybacks and asked if I wanted them.  I told him that I don't collect them but if he didn't have a use, I was sure I could find a good home for them.  I certainly will!

He also took a list through my needs and sent 12 cards from the 2017 A&G set that I need!

He's been very generous to me.  I guess there's a good reason he uses #collectlove on Twitter.  Make sure if you're on there to give @SScards16 a follow!  Thank you, again, for sharing the hobby love!

If you shop online and haven't signed up and used ebates yet, you're missing out.  I also use it on eBay to get money back from purchases there.  Between referrals and cash back, I've gotten over $100 in about seven months.  FREE CARDS!  If you're on Twitter, please give me a follow.  Happy collecting!

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