Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Mountaineer Mine #3 - Owen Schmitt

WHO:  Owen Schmitt

WHEN: 2005 - 2007

WHERE:  From Fairfax, VA

WHY (this card):  I don't like that it's a sticker auto.  I debated between this card and one without an autograph, but I love that Topps used the 1951 Topps Magic design.  Not only did they use a great design, they used it in a set picturing players in their college uniforms.

LINK:  WVU's Schmitt Is the Gift That Keeps on Hitting

LINK:  Former WVU Fullback Owen Schmitt to open Morgantown saloon

LINK:  No Flash, Just Smash From Eagles Fullback

How (he's remembered):  Owen Schmitt is my favorite Mountaineer (from my adult years) that played on the offensive side of the ball.  He was hard-nosed, but still ran the ball well when fortunate enough to have his number called.

The play I remember above all others was in the 2008 Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma (see below).  It was that play that earned him the nickname "The Runaway Beer Truck."  One of his cards is from this particular run and I almost chose it instead.

I don't believe it's my bias that makes me believe that he's one of the most beloved Mountaineers of all time.  It probably doesn't hurt that he ended up falling in love with Morgantown and wound up there after his NFL playing days ended.

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