Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Mountaineer Mine #1 - Kevin Pittsnogle

If you didn't see my Thursday post, I've decided to start a new project involving cards of players that attended my alma mater, West Virginia University.  While I'm a fan of the first inductee into the Mountaineer Mine, he wouldn't be my first choice normally.  He would have been among the first ten, but since he's being inducted into the West Virginia University Athletics Hall of Fame today, he also receives this honor.  

2006-07 Upper Deck Hardcourt #145 Kevin Pittsnogle

WHO:  Kevin Pittsnogle

WHEN:  2003 - 2006

WHERE: from Martinsburg, West Virginia

WHY (this card):  Pittsnogle is listed as a member of the Boston Celtics, but is pictured in his Mountaineer uniform.  I wish it wasn't on a sticker, but it's autographed.  It's also serial #d 125/399.

LINK:  Ex-West Virginia cult hero Kevin Pittsnogle talks life after basketball

LINK:  Kevin Pittsnogle on Twitter

LINK:  Has anybody else been thinking about how awesome Kevin Pittsnogle was?

HOW (is he remembered):  If you ask a basketball fan to name someone that played at West Virginia University, I believe you will get one of two answers.  If they are an NBA fan, or older, I believe they will say Jerry West.  If they are a college basketball fan, or in the 25-50 age bracket, I believe they will say Kevin Pittsnogle.

There aren't many people whose names have been turned into adjectives.  "You've been Pittsnogled" was quite the popular phrase among sports fans in the early to mid-2000s.

Pittsnogle's three-point shooting ability made him a monster to defend.  If you wanted to send out your center to defend him on the perimeter, you're biggest guy was away from the paint.  If you put a shorter forward or guard out there, that sweet shooting motion could launch right over their head.

Admit it, even if you're not a Mountaineer, you probably loved you some Kevin Pittsnogle.

The Mountaineer teams with Pittsnogle, Mike Gansey and the rest of the game are my favorites and I doubt any one the rest of my lifetime will surpass them.

Hail, West Virginia!

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  1. I definitely remember watching him in the NCAA Tournament. WVU was always a wildcard