Monday, February 6, 2017

Set Needs from Sports Card Forum.

It's not the most exciting of mail days for a blog post, but there was an oddly shaped envelope when I got home today.  I'm always curious when something comes to the house, as I usually have it sent to the office.

One of the users on Sports Card Forum saw my post about completing my set and offered to send me the cards.  I offered to send him money for shipping at least, but he still declined that.  All I can say to Joe (manthis on SCF) is a sincere "thank you."  This pay it forward, along with set need help from fellow bloggers like Shane of the Off The Wall blog, and Cliff & Robert on Twitter, remind me that not everyone in the hobby is greedy.  It does seem like it sometimes, though.

I have another transaction set up on SCF and once those cards get here, it will be down to just 20 more cards until a complete set.  This, combined with my 2016-17 Upper Deck Series 1 set creeping closer to completion, means it is about time to find and purchase a couple of hockey albums and some sheets!


  1. I was just taking a look at your set needs. Consider 1986 Topps finished!

  2. I don't know about SCF but the bloggers here are very generous. It's refreshing to find sports card collectors who aren't trying to 'win' every trade and are happy to help out others with set needs.