Saturday, February 11, 2017

DBBD (Dime Box Buy of the Day): 1987 Kraft Home Plate Heroes Mike Scott #4

Buying hundred of cards from dime boxes at today's show gave me an idea for posts that I hope people will enjoy.  I plan to start posting a card a day that I picked up from a dime box.  It may be a card for me or someone else.  It might be for a set need, a team collection or it just is a "blast from the past" for me.  I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I enjoy finding the cards.

Sometimes I may say why I bought it.  Sometimes it could be just a picture of a card.  If you see one and you're interested, let me know.  Maybe I will be willing to part with it if I haven't planned to send to someone else.

Today's dime box buy of the day:

1987 Kraft Foods #4 Mike Scott
The first year that I collected cards was 1987.  Kraft mac & cheese had panels on the back that had two cards on them.  Let's just say that my family ate a lot of mac & cheese in 1987.  I never quite completed that set though.  I came up a handful of cards short.

Thankfully I had parents that were okay with my hobby.

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