Sunday, February 5, 2017

It's About Time

You'd think that "It's About Time" would be in reference in the time that it took for a card I bought from feeBay to get to me.  I was completely shocked on Friday when it was delivered.  Somehow, shipping from Winnipeg to Fort Worth took less than two weeks.  That is quite abnormal in my experience.

It is about time that Andrew Shaw had another sweater card.  Shaw's first NHL cards appeared in 2011-12 product.  Until the release of 2016-17 SP Game Used, his only sweater card was his rookie (and parallels) in The Cup.

Let's be honest, jersey cards are a dime a dozen in the hobby anymore.  I know Shaw isn't an All-Star, but he's a two time Stanley Cup Champion that's also had a 20-goal season.  You'd think they could have fit him in over some fourth line winger on the Penguins at least once.

What matter is that he finally has more sweater cards now and the first one has arrived.

2016-17 SP Game Used 2016 NHL Stadium Series Fabrics #CBAS Andrew Shaw

2016-17 SP Game Used 2016 NHL Stadium Series Fabrics #CBAS Andrew Shaw (back)
It's here and I have another copy of this one (picked up in a lot) on the way.  Shaw has eight cards in SPGU and at least none of them are 1/1.  I feel that I have a puncher's chance at acquiring one of each.

140/194 (72.1%) of all cards per Sports Card Forum
131/152 (86.2%) non-1/1
9/42 different 1/1s (21.4%)
9 additional cards not listed on SCF
Numbers as of February 4, 2017


  1. Nice pickup! Shaw definitely deserves more representation in the relic department, but what can you do?

  2. That is cool you can avoid the 1/1's. The only players I've set out to get all the cards were the 2016 Pro Debut cards of Kevin Newman and Kevin Kramer. Both are featured in the WV Black Bear uniforms. Unfortunately for me one of the printing plates went off on eBAy when I was traveling. Oh well