Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Obligatory Topps Now Post

Something I've noticed as I've dove into the sports card blogging community is that a lot of days, there will be many posts about the same thing.  There's nothing wrong with this, as there are big days in the hobby.  There was a lot of Series 1 posts the first handful of days after it was released.  I saw five or so posts this week with Presidential cards.

I've been one of the parties that has done this (see: Topps Series 1) and now I'm doing it again.  I got to work early Tuesday, but when I got to my desk, this was on my keyboard.

Mike Trout 2017 Topps Now NNO
Matt from BWTP posted about this on Wednesday, so there's no real reason for me to write a similar post.  I'm the same as him in that I've found the cheaper eBay alternative to picking these cards up when I actually want them.  I only made one purchase directly from Topps last year (Ichiro 3000th hit) and the only other card I desired (Jedd Gyorko) I picked up on eBay.

If I just want the one copy in the future, I may just go the eBay route.  However if I want multiple ones, I may buy from Topps.  Why?  This is the second "free" card that I've received from them.  I wouldn't mind more of them.  The card(s) may not fit into my normal collection, but I can always find room for them.


  1. I'm bummed I didn't get this, even after buying a few Now cards from Topps.

  2. That confuses me. Maybe ask Topps on Twitter if it only went to certain people...? I only did one order through Topps.