Friday, February 10, 2017

Is This the Most Boring Three-Color Patch Ever?

Don't get me wrong.  I am thrilled to add this to The Andrew Shaw Project.  The Chicago Blackhawks' sweaters can make for some beautiful patch cards, but this one is kind of boring.

2016-17 SP Game Used 2016 NHL Stadium Series Relic Blends Patch #SSBAS Andrew Shaw

So much of it is the part of the face that it just looks very "blah."  It also blends in with all of the gold on the right side of the card.  Though Shaw's only had a sweater card in one prior set, I bought a "cheap" one-color card first, then upgraded to a three color later.  I will look to do that here.  It may not be more than three colors, but my hope is that it will pop better.

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  1. This card might not be the greatest patch ever... but it's far from the most boring. I have at least a few one color patches in the collection.

  2. To answer your question know, No! I have seen plenty of more boring ones than this, especially when it comes to basketball patches.

  3. def not boring. I don't collect hockey but think the Blackhawks have the best looking jerseys in the game. I love the Indian - so colorful!

  4. I get what you mean about it being boring. It is nice if it's actually from a special sweater.

  5. That Hawks! Even a Rangers fan like me has to acknowledge the beauty of those!

    And don't sell that patch short...I'm not a 'hit' collector but I've seen many many much dullers ones.