Sunday, February 26, 2017

DBBD: 1992 Rembrandt Ultra-Pro Promos #P20 Danny Tartabull/Bobby Bonilla

I had forgotten about these until I was going through a dime box a few weeks ago.  If I remember correctly, they came with supplies.  I believe I had one of someone back in the 1990s that I got when I bought I box of pages.  Can anyone confirm?

I knew that I had to have this when I read on the back of the card "Limited Edition of 150,000." IT'S LIMITED!!!

1992 Rembrandt Ultra-Pro Promos #P20 Danny Tartabull/Bobby Bonilla

1992 Rembrandt Ultra-Pro Promos #P20 Danny Tartabull/Bobby Bonilla (back) 
This will be going to the biggest Bobby Bonilla fan that I know, Jason, unless he tells me that he has it and/or doesn't want it.


  1. I remember cards like that! Seeing those two guys together made me go to BaseballReference to see how they did after signing as free agents. Bonilla had an underwhelming '92 for the Mets, then put up three pretty good seasons before a fairly middling rest of his career. Tartabull had a very good '92 and '93 for the Yankees, then pretty much fell off a cliff his final five seasons. At least Bonilla won a ring with the '97 Marlins, plus he's pretty much due money from the Mets for what seems like every year for the rest of his life!

    1. I was surprised by how "low" Bonilla's numbers were in that contract year. I felt like he was more of a 30 HR guy, but I guess that's what time will do to a mind.

    2. I thought the same thing since that was one reason I went back to check their stats, wondering how good his '91 was. Maybe us old folks just remember Bonilla and Bonds playing together and kind of averaged out their stats.

    3. I grew up an hour south of Pittsburgh and would have been 12 at the time...Bonds and Bonilla were interchangeable, so you are probably spot on.

  2. I have a few Ultra-Pro cards which came in boxes of plastic sheets... I want to say Piazza, Barry Bonds and Hal Morris. If I can dig those up, that might make for a fun oddball post... if it happens, I'll give you credit for inspiration).

    I remember when the Mets got Bonilla, and unfortunately a lot of people thought they were getting the fictional guy who was the average between Bonds and Bonilla. I kept a lid on my expectations so I became a fan of Bobby Bo, but a lot of other Mets fans weren't quite as happy that he wasn't hitting 75 homers with 200 RBI.