Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mailday from The (Pedestrian) Collector

A few weeks back, I sent Chris of The (Pedestrian) Collector a few cards to get him closer to completing some sets.  I did it to help, not to get anything in return.  I would find that odd.  It's like forcing a trade.

He did send me back some cards, two that I knew were coming.

2015-16 Upper Deck Canvas #C19 Jonathan Toews
2015-16 Upper Deck Canvas #C20 Duncan Keith

  • The Upper Deck Canvas cards that I love so much?  Check and check.
  • Blackhawks cards with players holding the Stanley Cup? Check,
  • Blackhawks cards relating to the outdoor games? Check.
  • Players selected for the NHL Top 100 Greatest Players?  Check and check.  
That's a lot of checks. 

2010-11 Upper Deck French #214 Nick Leddy 

  • One of the no-longer Blackhawks that I'd most love the to reacquire? Check,
  • Upper Deck French cards that I still wish they produced? Check.
  • YOUNG GUNS! Check. 
1996-97 Ultra Gold Medallion #G31 Eric Daze

1995-96 Parkhurst International Crown Collection Silver Series 2 #16 Eric Daze

2002-03 BAP First Edition #317 Eric Daze
  • My favorite player after the cheap-ass Bill Wirtz had the team trade Jeremy Roenick? Check.
  • A guy that wore one of my old football numbers? Check.
  • Cards I don't have?  Check!

That was a lot of Blackhawks goodness in one PWE.  Thank you, Chris!  


  1. Replies
    1. Every year I debate putting the set of them together. I just never do it because of the price of the retired stars and Young Guns.

  2. You're welcome! Glad you like the cards.

    I have a hard time accepting "free" cards - it didn't feel like forcing a trade to me, just helping out a fellow collector. Thanks again for the set help!

    1. I do understand that as well. I always feel like I need to get someone back. Thank you again, the cards have a great home!