Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The First T36 from Open Binders

A few weeks ago, I missed out on an eBay BIN for a T227 Ralph Mulford.  This takes a small amount of the sting off that.

Shortly after I purchased seven T36 cards from eBay, another one I needed popped up from my old friends at Open Binders.  They have had some of these in the past, but not since I've been collecting the cards.  I have picked up some of my 1960 Hawes Wax Indy cards from them and all transactions have been flawless.  Once I saw the eBay listing, I went to their site and bought the card there to save them the eBay fees.  I paced my order Thursday and it was delivered Monday.

1911 American Tobacco Auto Drivers #17 Ralph Mulford
Ralph Mulford competed ten times in the Indianapolis 500.  His best finish was second in the inaugural race in 1911.  There has been controversy over time that may have actually won the race, but Indianapolis Motor Speedway track historian Donald Davidson maintains there is no evidence to back that claim.  Mulford ran much faster throughout the race than winner Ray Harroun but blew out tires twice during the race, allowing Harroun to pass him.  Harroun knew that by running a slower race he could get better tire wear and that strategy helped him win the race.  Mulford won the 1911 Vanderbilt Cup race.

After this pickup, my base set stands at 12/25 cards.  My master set, with all back variations, is at 15/100.  You can see all of my cards from the set on my Collector Focus page.

If you shop online and haven't signed up and used ebates yet, you're missing out.  I also use it on eBay to get money back.  FREE CARDS!  If you're on Twitter, please give me a follow.  Happy collecting!

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