Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Monster Acquisitions

The last time I posted about my few T206 cards, the count was six cards.  Since Friday, that number has more than doubled.

The first one I'm showing was the last one that I received.  It came in the mail yesterday, but it's the one that I'm happiest about.

T206 Woody Thornton
Woody Thornton is one of two players in the T206 that played baseball at my alma mater, West Virginia University.  Both are a part of the Southern League group, which are more scarce than the average card.  Graded copies are a bit out of my comfort zone and I was thrilled to find a Net 54 user selling this.

I'll show the rest of the cards in the order I acquired them.

T206 Frank Arellanes
I picked this one up from COMC.  For the most part, $20 is the floor you can find T206 cards for on there.  The owner was running a sale, so I was able to get this at a price I was confortable with.

T206 Jack Hayden
I probably overpaid for this card but when I saw it at a card show Saturday, I wanted it.  I lived in Indianapolis for almost a decade and the eye appeal of this card is the best of any that I've picked up so far.

T206 John Anderson 
T206 Joe Lake St Louis w/ball 

T206 Danny Murphy Throwing

T206 Rube Oldring Batting
The last four are all low-grade copies that I picked up from Roger.  Eight of my T206 cards have come from him.  There will be many more in the future.  I've picked up every $10 or less copy he's had.  Three of these were ones he's picked up recently so I was thrilled to see he had more at $10.  Right now, I am working on quantity, not quality.

My monster number now stands at 13 (of 524).  On T206Insider, my set is now at 6.8, good for 45th.  With the condition of cards I'm buying, I will be moving up a bit slowly on the chart.  I'm enjoying learning about the set and look forward to the future of it!

You can find a gallery of what I have on my Collector Focus page.

If you'd like to learn more about the T206 set, there are plenty of resources.  A very popular one is Scot Reader's "Inside T206."  Others I like are Net 54 and T206 Insider (links above to both), as well as the blog on That T206 Life.


  1. You picked up some very nice ungraded copies. The Hayden is in wonderful condition.

  2. T206 are wonderful additions, regardless of condition or grade. That Hayden is immaculate though and a phenomenal find - he's sitting on my want list too. Great stuff!

  3. Wow thirteen T-206's? That's awesome! I'd love to add a few more to my collection, but I'm pretty sure I'll never own 13 of them. Best of luck with the set.

  4. I agree with Tony Burbs - the Hayden card is incredible! Congrats on adding these to your impressive T206 collection!

  5. Until you add a Gibson there'll be a glaring hole in that collection ;) but you've got a good thing going with your T206s so far (including a good selection of backs already)

    1. I'm so glad you commented...check your messages on Net54, I just sent you images of the Gibson I told you about. I don't believe I see it on your Collector Focus page...

  6. Thanks for all of the positive comments, everyone! I'm having a ton of fun with this and hope to add more soon. Not sure I will ever say I'm working on the set, but I continue acquiring cards.