Thursday, April 6, 2017

DBBD: 1975 Topps #244 Bill Buckner

Bill Buckner can show his face in public now.  Has anyone heard from Steve Bartman yet?

Some sports fans are so ridiculous.  It's just a game, folks.

1975 Topps #244 Bill Buckner

1975 Topps #244 Bill Buckner (back)


  1. 75 Topps is fantastic, just about any card from that set is a good pickup at a dime. The way Red Sox fans treated Buckner was despicable, and the same goes for Cubs fans with Bartman. Though that one was initiated by Moises Alou; if he didnt throw a hissy fit like a 3 year-old who just got a toy taken away, no one else would have reacted imo.

  2. I saw a documentary on Bartman and was embarrassed for all of those people who bullied him. I kept thinking that I would have done the exact same thing as him.