Wednesday, April 5, 2017

30 Day Card Challenge - Day 3

Today's card is "a card from the first set you tried to complete."

The first season I collected was 1987.  When someone speaks of 1987 baseball cards, it's always Topps.  I love the set and have a few boxes of it that I'll open eventually to put the set together again.
The set I was more into was the Donruss set.  Perhaps it was just my small town, but Topps was pretty easy to come by.  I could find it at the grocery store.  I could even get packs at the concession stand where I played baseball.  You had to look for Donruss (and Fleer).

Sometimes on paydays, my mama would come home with a whole box of Donruss!  She could get them at the wholesaler in town.  Cards were a way to keep me entertained.  We traveled to Alabama for my uncle's wedding.  I remember opening and sorting Donruss cards the night before the wedding.

I remember that the cards in the 600s always seemed the toughest for me to get.  I believe that I put together three sets that season and was close to a fourth.  I sold a couple of them off in time and believe that there was still one set at my dad's when the house burnt down a couple of years ago.  I will bite the bullet eventually and pick up a couple of boxes of this to try and put a set together.

With that, I give you the card of my favorite player from the first set that I ever tried to collect.

1987 Donruss #78 Dale Murphy

Happy collecting!


  1. I always liked the black borders on 1987 Donruss. Just a solid looking set.

  2. Dang... I wish my wholesaler had boxes of Donruss. I was more into Topps because Costco had boxes and boxes of them. If they had Donruss or Fleer, I would have been all over them too.