Sunday, April 2, 2017

30 Day Card Challenge - Day 2

Today's card is "one with more than one player on it."  This particular cards wasn't my first choice, but I'm trying to mix it up a little with this.  I want to show a lot of different kinds of cards over the 30 posts.

This card is one of the ones that has been in my collection the longest.  It has survived a couple of purges.

I thought about it a little bit ago and came to the realization I've always been a player collector, going to the the genesis of my collecting.  In 1987, I wanted every Dale Murphy card.  After that it was Will Clark.  I can probably name a dozen other players I've collected hardcore over time.

I was really into NASCAR in the mid-1990s until the early-2000s and Jeremy Mayfield was my guy.  The time finally came that I was "over" NASCAR and I went ahead and sold off the Mayfield collection that I had.  I did keep this one.  There were many autographs but this was the one I kept since it also had a Rusty Wallace autograph.  It was also probably one of the two or three cards I paid the most for.  I knew I wasn't going to get my money back for it, so it stayed.

I also purged a lot of card in the mid-2000s.  This one survived that purge as well.  I wish that the vintage football singles, 1955 Topps All American Football, 1971 Topps Baseball and the 2001 and 2002 Topps Heritage sets that I had made good progress on has survived it.  Regerts.
2000 Maxximum Signatures #RJ2 Rusty Wallace/Jeremy Mayfield

2000 Maxximum Signatures #RJ2 Rusty Wallace/Jeremy Mayfield (back)
LINK:  30 Day Card Challenge - Day 1

Happy collecting!


  1. I can see why you didn't purge this one. What a great dual autograph card

  2. Great card. I have a small PC of Rusty. Never was really into NASCAR, but I enjoyed watching his Genuine Draft commercials.