Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Thanks, @Just21hb

Thanks to Justin, I have four new Topps buybacks in my collection.  He reached out to me on Twitter asked for my address and nothing else in return.  Collectors like Justin are what's right in a hobby that has a lot of "wrong" associated with it.  I will have that Griffey out to you soon, Justin!

This card is definitely my favorite of the four.  I'm sure Shane would love to get it through our buyback exchanges, but this one may remain mine for awhile.  I love the old Milwaukee uniforms, have grown fond of 1990 Topps and I love fielding images.  Sorry, Shane! 

I love this one as well.  I live just minutes from where the Rangers play (and played in the early 1970s), but have never seen a palm tree in this part of Texas. 

You know it's a great group when my third favorite card is from my favorite set ever. 

You also know it's a great package when the one bringing up the rear is an All-Star card.  This envelope was full of buyback goodness.  Thanks again, Justin!  

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  1. Cool stuff. Are all the foil stamps the same color, or did they produce different colors in different quantities?

  2. One of these years I'm going to find a whole stack of these that I know I have somewhere in my house and shipped them to you and Shane

  3. Kin, all four of those are great! I'm pretty sure I already have the Molitor in my "to be processed" stash ;-)

    SumoMenkoMan - Most years there's just one color foil but in the 2017 "REDISCOVER TOPPS" promotion there are five colors; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Blue, Red - in that order from most common to scarcest. The same card can exist with different color stamps though.

    Matt, get lookin'! ;-)