Wednesday, April 18, 2018

COMC Show & Tell - 1951 Bowman

The 1951 Bowman Football set is one of my favorites.  It's just one of the most beautiful sets ever.  Any time that I can pick them up cheaply, I do.  Condition really isn't an issue for me.  I picked up 14 in this COMC order and only have 22 cards from the set.  So, I don't see these cheaply very often.

1951 Bowman #3 Mac Speedie 

1951 Bowman #5 Woodley Lewis

1951 Bowman #11 Whitey Wistert

1951 Bowman #27 Thurman McGraw

1951 Bowman #37 Horace Gillom 
 How can you not love a large man punting?

1951 Bowman #39 Ken Carpenter

1951 Bowman #41 Vitamin Smith 
Even having this card in person, I can't figure out if the photo is crooked, or what's going on.  It plays games with my senses.

1951 Bowman #49 Fred Morrison 

1951 Bowman #63 Bob Hoernschemeyer
I guess with that last name, they felt that it was worth shortening his first name?

1951 Bowman #79 Bruce Alford

1951 Bowman #86 Fred Davis 
1951 Bowman #Otto Schnellbacker 

 There aren't enough men named "Otto" these days.

1951 Bowman #111 Alex Agase 

1951 Bowman #142 Eddie Saenz
If I can ever come up with another "big" get like this one, I will say that I'm working to complete the set.  I'm currently 15% there!

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  1. This is a set that I keep thinking that I should buy a couple of cards from, if only because I really love how logos were done.

  2. Sweet! It's a good thing that I already have the Browns that you scanned or I would have been upset that I missed them on COMC. And for cards from back then, I'm not that concerned about condition either. Great purchase!

  3. Mac Speedie is a perfect name for an I like the old team logos.

  4. First some T206... now 51 Bowman. You're on quite a roll. Congratulations!