Tuesday, April 10, 2018

COMC Show & Tell - 1948 Bowman

I believe that 85% of card-related blogs are baseball centric, so I'm sure that many will be disappointed in the blog title and post.  Why?  Because it's vintage football.

I paid a total of $2.90 for these cards.  I usually don't want to pay more than $1 for 1950-55 Bowman football commons, but the 1948s aren't as easy to come into, so I was willing to pay just a little more.

I love the images on the 1950 and 1951 Bowman cards much better than the photos that came afterward.  There's something about these photos that I enjoy.  I believe that it's the black and white photo.  That, or the helmets that the players are wearing.

1948 Bowman #31 Salvatore Rosato 

1948 Bowman #31 Salvatore Rosato (back)

1948 Bowman #67 Paul McKee

1948 Bowman #67 Paul McKee (back)

This is the only card listed for both players on Trading Card Database.  It's likely there are some oddball/regional issues not on the site, but they have to be the only mainstream cards.  I wonder what percentage of players from the early days of trading cards had just one card and if those men were interested enough to try and own a copy.

I only have four cards from this set so far, but I'm almost 4% of the way to set completion!  I have no plans to actually pursue completion, but I'll not pass up cheap cards that I come into.

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