Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Sportlots - Members Only

This is a one-card post (and mailday) that was part of my most recent Sportlots order.  I liked the "Members Only" cards in 1991, but these are just "meh."  I had to have it for the Darrell Whitmore collection, despite not being a fan of it.

I pulled for the Marlins in the early years because Whitmore played for them.  I had some shirts (Starter brand, of course!) and a snap-back cap when snap-backs weren't cool.  I was even wearing a Marlins shirt in one of my middle school yearbook pictures.  I may have to dig that up for a future post.  Buying all these Whitmore and rekindling my love for the teal colors actually got me to go to Lids and buy one of the teal Marlins hats!

1993 Stadium Club - Members Only #516 Darrell Whitmore
This card is the 46th unique Whitmore in my collection.  There are just 22 more that I need per Trading Card Database, but I know there are more.  I have at least one card that isn't listed, so I'm going to have to find a checklist and get it entered into the system.

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