Sunday, April 15, 2018

COMC Show & Tell - The Other Buybacks

The prices that most COMC sellers ask for their buybacks is much higher than I'm willing to pay.  I look when I think about it, and every once in awhile I can find a deal.  Or a card I just really want.  That's where these three come in. 

2017 Topps - Rediscover Topps Stamped Buybacks Bronze #117 Ramon Hernandez 
I paid 62 cents for this, which is more than I'd normally pay for a buyback.  As a kid, some of the first "old" cards I knew were 1973 Topps and that set always brings back some fond memories.  While I probably have a 1973 already, I was still willing to spend that much.

2017 Topps - Rediscover Topps Stamped Buybacks Silver #152 Omar Vizquel 

I actually paid $1.05 for this one, but it was worth it.  When I was in seventh grade, my parents bought me a stereo.  Not too long after that, I discovered that I could get AM sports radio stations from all over the east.  I was in West Virginia but depending on the day, I could get stations from Atlanta, New York, Toronto, Washington DC, KMOX out of St. Louis and most importantly, WKNR out of Clevelend. 

I spent many evenings and nights during the 1990s listening to Tom Hamilton and Herb Score call baseball games.  I wasn't passing up a chance to add Omar Vizquel to my collection.  Hopefully at some point I will come into some of the other players from those teams. 

2017 Topps - Rediscover Topps Stamped Buybacks Gold #322 Vicente Palacios 
The 1988 Topps design has grown on me in the last year, but I think I might nominate this for the worst card in the history of trading cards.  The chest up shot combined with that horrible airbrushing...I just can't get over it.  That's probably why I got it for 50 cents on COMC.  That's cheap, on there. 

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  1. That airbrushing is so bad it's good.

  2. I love the 1988 Topps design actually. Nice and simple. Nothing like it.