Sunday, February 25, 2018

Asking the Blogging Community For A Little Assistance, For The Kids

A few days ago I posted about how I wanted to help get some cards for kids attending a Youth Hockey Tournament to get autographed by former NHL player Jonathan Cheechoo.  I just feel it's the right thing to do, since we talk about kids being the future of the hobby. 

I haven't received much response at all (only five people, four of which were from Twitter), so I thought I'd reach out again.  Any amount, even a couple of bucks, is greatly appreciated.  Let's show what collectors can do when they pitch in together. 

I've already made the purchase of 300 cards from Sportlots, and still have to pay to ship to Canada.  With the very short turnaround, I may have to do an expedited shipping method.  Again, if anyone wants to pitch in, it's for the kids! 

If you're interested in contributing (and you trust that I'm not being shady), just send a PayPal gift to me at and put "Naim Cardinal" in the note.  Just a couple of bucks from a few people can make a big difference.

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