Thursday, February 22, 2018

Anyone Want to Help Get Some Cards For Youth Hockey Players?

I saw a tweet a few minutes ago from @NaimCardinal on Twitter looking for some Jonathan Cheechoo cards.  

Unfortunately I don't have any Cheechoo cards.  I offered to send him some Paypal and he could pick up some on Sportlots, but then it hit me...because of the currency conversion (he's in Canada) he will get less for the money.  Also, the seller that has some serious quantities is in the US and has a high shipping rate to Canada.  

Since this is for the kids, does anyone want to chip in a few bucks of Paypal to help buy more for the kids?  We say over and over that kids are the future of the hobby.  Here's our chance to put a few bucks where our mouths are.  

I have no doubt about the legitimacy of Naim's request.  Besides, who's going to ask for commons???  Naim is a collector himself.  If you don't know about his collection, it's been featured on Beckett's site, CBC News and even on Canadian television (I just can't find the link currently and want to get this posted).

I'm also going to ask Ivan to retweet this during the Go GTS Live show tonight.  Hopefully he will, as Naim watches the show as well.  

If you're interested in contributing (and you trust that I'm not being shady), just send a PayPal gift to me at and put "Naim Cardinal" in the note.  Just a couple of bucks from a few people can make a big difference.  I'm throwing in $10 and I've already had another $10 commitment from Twitter.  

Happy collecting!  


  1. Yep, count me in. Just dropped you ten bucks via PayPal. Thanks for doing this Kin.

  2. Sounds like a good cause. I'll try to remember to dig through my Sharks and pull out my Cheechoo dupes.