Monday, August 28, 2017

Sportlots Mail - #4 of 11

The moment that I opened this particular PWE, I was mad at myself.  I knew the card looked familiar and I figured I ordered the wrong card.  Once I sat down to research and write my post, I realized that I DID actually order the base card.  The seller sent the gold parallel, which I already have.  I've filed on the site to get a refund and we will see how it goes.

I figure I may as well still show off the card!

1996 Flair Gold #159 Russ Davis
The card that I need for the collection is the base card.  It has a silver background instead of the gold one that this particular card has.

1996 Flair Gold #159 Russ Davis (back)
I'm only showing the back for one reason.  I want to mention that Fleer did a fantastic job with the designs and photos on the back of their Flair brands.  I understand that most nobody cares about card backs, including the manufacturers.  That makes me appreciate the Flair backs that much more.

Unfortunately, this is a post that doesn't add to the Russ Davis numbers.  The collection remains at 200/309/64.7% of cards listed in the Sports Card Forum database.

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  1. I appreciate a good back. (That sounds weird)

    1. Only if someone doesn't know what you are talking about!