Monday, August 14, 2017

Mail from Breakdown Cards

I sent Gavin (@breakdowncards) of Baseball Card Breakdown a couple of cards in a PWE a week or so ago.  The quickness that he replied (and I didn't send to him expecting to get something back) tells me that it's possible he'd already set aside a few cards for me.  It wasn't long at all that I received a PWE back with set needs and a buyback.

All six A&G cards, as well as the Wil Myers 87T design were needs for my sets!  WINNING!  I've been accumulating 1987 Topps buybacks, as that was one of the first two sets (along with 1987 Donruss) that I put together myself.  Sometime down the road, I will officially begin work on an 87T buyback set.  That is many, many projects down the road, though.

Thanks for the cards, Gavin!  I do appreciate it!

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