Thursday, August 3, 2017

Not A Wax Or Gum Stain - So What Is It?

I decided to pick this card up just because of whose card it is.  It's Twitter's own John Bateman!

What's interesting to me is the back of the card.

At some point, whether in a pack or a box at some point in the next 50 years, the 1966 Tim McCarver Rub-Off was behind it.  It appears they did actually rub off.

So, what do we call this "stain?"  There have to be many more of these out there.

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  1. That's unique. Never seen any like that before

  2. It may have been some kid's intentional transfer. When I was a kid I might have done something like that. As far as the "iron ons" are concerned I think one time I tried to affix one to a plain white t-shirt. I also decorated a dresser drawer or two with one on the front of a drawer and one on the inside bottom of a drawer. I'm sure it ticked off my mom at the time.

  3. Nice. Two for the price of one.