Saturday, June 24, 2017

Today's Card Show Spoils - A Great Vintage Acquisition

The lady had some things to do this afternoon, so I decided to make the hour-long trek to Plano and hit up the Dallas Card Show for this month.  I ended up spending more than I had planned (I planned to spend nothing), but such is the struggle.

I walked the room and there was a seller with a 1991 Topps factory set.  I planned to make him an offer but once I got back, it was gone.  The price was right but I didn't want to carry it around.  Oops!

The first purchase I made was a few cards from  3/$10 boxes.  I'm not showing them all because some will be sent to others and I want them to be surprises.

2002 Sweet Spot Classics Game Bat #BCR Cal Ripken
I picked this one up for myself.  I miss the good ol' days when relic cards actually were something.  This is certainly a flashback to those days.

2002 Topps Pristine Personal Endorsements #MT Marcus Thames
I don't follow baseball but I know Marcus Thames started out hot this season.  I had no idea that he could have a card from 17 years ago, but this is proof.  I guess I overpaid since you can get a copy of this for $3 on COMC, but it happens.  Ah well.

I picked the following card up from Leon, the owner of the Net54 site.  It will make it's way to a Cubs collector in time.  At that price and age, I wasn't leaving it behind.

1953 Bowman Black and White #12 Randy Jackson
The final three cards I picked up from Rich.  He offered to let me go through his boxes that he'd not priced yet.  I'm thrilled that I took the time.  Neither of us was sure what the book value was on these, but a number was thrown out and accepted.

1954 Bowman #64 Eddie Mathews

Dividing the price paid by the three cards I purchased, I likely slighty overpaid for this one.  It's a card of a Hall-of-Famer and I made up for any overpayment with the other two cards.

1933-34 V357 Ice Kings #12 Nels Stewart

1933-34 V357 Ice Kings #12 Nels Stewart (back)

Even in poor condition, I was thrilled at the price I got this at.  I had no idea of the value or anything about Nelson Stewart.  It turns out that he is a Hall-of-Famer, enshrined in 1952.  It also turns out that high BV on this card is $600.  Despite the condition, I got a deal.  Have I mentioned that I'm thrilled to add this card to my collection?

1933-34 V357 Ice Kings #42 Sylvio Mantha

1933-34 V357 Ice Kings #42 Sylvio Mantha (back)
This Sylvio Mantha card is in much better condition and very good shape in general.  I have no idea what it might grade, but it's more than 80-years old, so it doesn't matter to me.  Mantha is also a Hall-of-Famer.  High book value is $200 on this one and with the condition, I got even a better deal than I did on the above card.

I've been fortunate to come into a few vintage hockey cards at fantastic prices.  The trend is continuing!

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  1. I too miss the days when pulling a memorabilia card meant something. That Ripken is a nice card. Nice vintage pickups as well.

    1. Thanks! I have a few other prewar hockey cards. Absolutely love them.