Thursday, June 29, 2017

Old Acquisitions from a New Show

Not that the area really needs ANOTHER card show, but the new Fort Worth Card Show held it's first event earlier this month.  I stopped in to support the show and walked away with a few items.

There weren't too many sellers and it was a small room, but I was VERY impressed with the amount of people attending in the short amount of time I was there.  The next show will have more sellers.  Likely due to being in a different part of the metroplex, most of the attendees were folks that I did not recognize and I'm excited to see the show grow.

I only bought from two of the sellers.  My first handful of pickups were from Rich.

1994 Ted Williams Dan Gardiner Collection #DG9 Checklist
I picked this card up because of Michael Jordan in a Barons uniform.  I own a few of his cards in Barons or White Sox uniforms.  I don't own one basketball card of him.  I was born in Birmingham and have attended a few games as a kid when I'd visit town for the summer.

1995 Upper Deck Minors Michael Jordan One On One #9 Michael Jordan '94 Autumn

1995 Upper Deck Minors Michael Jordan One On One #7 Michael Jordan '94 Season

1995 Upper Deck Minors Michael Jordan One On One #8 Michael Jordan First Homer
I wasn't paying attention and ended up with two copies of this card.  If I was going to make that error, I'm glad that it was on this card.  I was in the stands when Jordan hit his first home run.

1994 Upper Deck Minors #MJ23 Michael Jordan
The final card that I picked up was for the wifey's Dallas Stars binder.  As much as it pains me, Derian Hatcher was one of her favorite players.  Sometimes in life we just bite our toungues!
1994-95 Upper Deck #127 Derian Hatcher
The only other cards I picked up were from the show promoter's table.  A couple of them follow the above trend...

1995 Collector's Choice #500 Michael Jordan

1995 Collector's Choice Silver Signature #500 Michael Jordan

The final purchase was a set that I had a few cards from already and planned to complete.  At the price he was asking, I just bought the set so that I needed to give it no more thought.  

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  1. If you want an NBA card of Jordan, I can make that happen...just say the word.

    1. I appreciate it...not into the basketball though. Also, sent you another message on Twitter.

  2. Don't remember seeing that 1995 UD Collector's Choice card of Jordan. It's really cool. Love that Donruss DK insert set as well. They're such great looking cards.

    1. Agreed! Glad to get the entire set for $6.