Friday, June 30, 2017

COMC Mail - Three Gold Stars

After more than six months, I'm still trying to figure out "values" of Compendium cards.  COMC and eBay are the only gauges and numbers are not relatively consistent in my eyes.  What I do know is that there aren't too many copies of the gold parallels available out there.  Because of this, I likely value the cards higher than others.  Perhaps the fact that I have done the legwork for every gold card that I have plays a role in it.  

This post is in honor of the three gold Dallas Stars cards that now reside with me.  

2016-17 Compendium Gold #85 Tyler Seguin

2016-17 Compendium Gold #88 Antoine Roussel

2016-17 Compendium Gold #587 Stephen Johns
The Tyler Seguin and Antoine Roussel cards are going into the card show box.  The Stephen Johns is all mine.  I wonder how many copies of this actually exist.  It can't be more than a handful.  

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